RedPier Consulting is a boutique firm that specializes in supporting development of rural communities and non-profit organizations.

Every member of our team personally understands the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities that our clients face and we each offer complementary skills and experiences in all our service areas.

Our process, reports, and plans focus on simplicity and clarity. Our activities and recommendations are user friendly and intuitive as it is our intent that you will engage and understand the content in seconds or minutes, and not hours or days.

We want you to easily and effortlessly adopt your solutions and start taking action.

Our Primary Services

Creative Facilitation
We support teams in exploring new ideas, identifying resources, strengthening collaboration, and developing strategies through fun and engaging activities that emphasize the creative spirit of each participant. From agenda planning, to logistics, facilitation, and post-reporting, we got you covered! 
Asset Mapping

We use a variety of methods of asset mapping to identify community/organizational strengths,  underutilized resources, and key stakeholders to then help our clients develop solutions to their needs. Common approaches include research, interviews, open houses, online surveys, and planning sessions.

Youth Engagement
We assist organizations and communities to engage youth in the decision making process. Our approach integrates fun, immersive, and proven activities that are designed to reflect a variety of participation styles and promote a relaxed environment for youth to feel empowered and share their experiences, concerns, and solutions.

Values Driven Organizations

Our Most Popular Service!

Values are our deepest level programming and too often organizations slap together a list of values that they think sound good, stick them on their website or decal them on a lobby wall, and simply forget about them. Through our work it has become evidently clear that organizations and communities who do not know their true values are often repeatedly stuck addressing surface level issues and challenges that prevent them from making a much greater impact and contribution. We have designed a process of workshops, reflections, and planning exercises that address the root-cause issues and meta-root cause assumptions (values and beliefs) to align with the overall aim and goals of the organization. Clients who have been facilitated through our Values Driven Organizations process report exponential shifts in their organizational culture, more honest and effective communication, a clearer understanding and connection to the organization’s purpose, and more efficient and resourceful projects and goals. So, wouldn't you like to know your values?

The Red Pier...

The iconic red pier in Chase, British Columbia, symbolizes the coming together of a community. It is used daily by residents and visitors who walk out over Little Shuswap Lake to create memories with those they care for, practice gratitude for the beauty around them, raise their adrenaline with a jump in for a refreshing swim, and marvel at the sockeye salmon maneuvering fluidly in the waters below. Through icy winters and sundrenched summers, it stands stoically, true to its purpose. It is regarded as a beacon of stability, inspiration, inclusiveness, and connection – values we hold deeply at RedPier Consulting.

Meet Our Founder

Raised in the Village of Chase (unceded Secwepemc territory, and home to the iconic red pier) Brock Endean brings his personal experience of life in a small town to his work in strengthening the capacity of rural and Indigenous communities throughout Canada and internationally. As a community facilitator, Brock has worked with over 40 municipalities, First Nations and non-profit organizations on projects ranging from organizational strategic planning, community and youth engagement workshops, and social enterprise development. He believes that the best results are achieved by capturing the ideas, values, and creativity of a community, then collaboratively finding the knowledge and resources needed to move forward. His diversity of education and training includes studies in business, tourism development, sustainable agriculture, creative facilitation, and public engagement, all which complement his work in building communities where members feel connected and their dreams can thrive.

Our clients appreciate the strategic insight, communication, and confidence we offer to their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Below are some of our recent clients and projects.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services or would like to discuss how we could potentially work together to ensure your organization or community is able to achieve its goals and mandate.

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